Illustrator & Animator based in Glasgow, UK.

About Me

Hi, my name is Sooz.

I love to tell stories with character, humour and create experiences that connect with people.

I'm specialised in making Explainer Videos (start to finish), Motion Graphics, Illustration and various bits in between.

I studied frame by frame 2D Animation in Scotland then made my way down to London in 2013. I’ve had the chance to work in-house for different marketing and production agencies, making all sorts of content for external and internal projects.

Since becoming a freelancer, I've been able to work directly with clients on producing explainer videos, and create a mixture of motion graphics, cel animation and illustration through studios and agencies. I've worked with The Body Shop, Premier Inn and Lowes, to name a few.

I also dabble in making zines, painting murals and designing punk t-shirts. If you'd like to collaborate and discuss your next project with me, please get in touch :)

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